Internal Condition: Bullish
Technical Condition: Bullish

Market Current Condition

The market current internal and technical condition is bullish. 



Price Action
Begin with price action analysis because price contains all the known information available in the market. It’s the purest representation of supply and demand. Markets rise ONLY when demand is greater than supply and fall ONLY when supply is greater than demand. Therefore, the study of price action is the study of supply and demand.
Volume is the fuel that moves prices higher. And the fuel needed for an extended move lower. While a bull market, or an uptrend in prices, will remain intact when there are more buyers than sellers, a bear market can begin without an increase in selling but to endure a rise in selling must occur.
Risk Management
The most important market tool of them all. Understanding how to manage trade risk, position risk, and emotional risk is what will keep you in the trading game for a long time. For every trade enter, set take profit, stop loss, and maximum equity risk exposure. When properly balanced, trading all market conditions STRESS FREE is possible.